We have an ultra modern established workshop where meet all latest equipment, certified engineer, the skilled crew which is capable to take the best care of your vessel repairing work. And also a good relation with CPA & Chittagong Dry Dock to provide you any kind of repair & renewal work.
Repair of aux. engine, main engines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, boiler.
Reconditioning of exhaust valve spindle / seat, piston crown, cylinder cover, cylinder liner.

In situ crankpin reconditioning up to 300 mm.
Steel and pipe work repairs and renewals;
Repair and adjustment of high pressure fuel pumps and nozzles.
Repair, testing and certifying of pressure vessels for CO2, oxygen, propane, etc.
Wooden parts and GRP repairs and renewals.
Vulcanizing of rubber details.
Repair of electric equipment and motors.
Any kind of load test (Crane/Derrick/ all loose gear) with certification.